Welcome to my new Website WHO IS RHYMEFEST.com!

I want to welcome all newcomers to the art, activism and information that you’ll receive when you visit and become a part of our movement. I would also like to reintroduce and update people who’ve been following me for years as to what I’ve been up to, who I’m currently working with, when you can expect new Rhymefest  music and more.
1) If you’re an anti-intellectual this may not be the site for you, thought provoking things WILL HAPPEN HERE.

2) If you have suggestions, messages solutions or reasonable requests please don’t be shy and hit me up via the contact page.

3) If you can’t handle healthy debate, please go back to where everyone agrees with you. Dissent is welcomed here.

4)  Interesting videos, comments and analysis will be shared. 

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned…