Caption: Photo of my father Brian and I, shortly after we reconnected after 20+ years of not seeing each other. 

       Today we debut our film “In My Father’s House ” at the New Orleans Essence Fest. This documentary is a personal journey that addresses the pathologies, myths and beauty sorounding American fatherhood. 
      Yes I know, I’m Black, and to most minds that dictates that I speak about “Black Fatherhood”. I should quote the African American single parent statistics and perhaps even address crime and some other urban issues.
This film is deeper than that, it’s about the American Fatherhood experience. The uniqueness of my story to some, may be that my father wasn’t around for 25 years because he was homeless. 
     This is also a peek into substance abuse, forgiveness and coming to terms with the fact that while none of us are perfect we’re all capable of loving beyond measure, and that love has a spiritual payoff.
     American Fatherhood is under assault mainly because men suffer in silence about the depression we experience as fathers. We’re taught not to complain because “a man is supposed to protect and provide”. I’ll be the first to say, I fall short and find myself constantly trying to pick up the pieces of fatherhood I drop along the way.
We enter relationships we regret and have children we resent, because of the choices we’ve made. 
     Some of us live with our families and become emotionally detached, entering dark spaces to escape because we don’t have healthy outlets for grief. I believe it’s beneficial for fathers and families to share our stories, memories and feelings about fatherhood. 
     I invite you, if you’re at Essence Fest to come out to see the film. It will screen today (Friday, July 3rd) at 12 noon on the 2nd Floor of the Convention Center. Let’s open the Pandora’s box and see if we as Americans, can repair our spirits and families through the roots that helped bring us here. 

Please e-mail with  any questions you have, stories and comments about fatherhood, and every Friday, we will meet here to discuss fatherhood and family. #FatherhoodFriday